Cuco's Barbacoa


We are a business providing barbacoa packages delivered to your door. 

We are an up and coming business therefore we will only be delivering to zip codes 78213, 78201, and 78212. We will extend soon!

Our mission is to have our packaged deals delivered to your door hot & ready at the time you request for you and your family to enjoy!

Thank you for your support!

Our Story

In Loving Memory

Olga Plaza

Cuco’s originated in 1975 by Santos’s grandmother Maria Jesus “Olga” Plaza. Santos grew up with his grandmother and spent a lot of time at the restaurant. Olga would wake up Santos and walk to the restaurant to help prepare for the day until it was time for school. Olga was a hardworking woman who dedicated all her time and hard earned money to her beloved family. Olga loved to cook and prepare delicious food for not only her loyal customers but her large family of 8 children and numerous grandchildren

Like Santos, Alysha grew up at Cuco’s. Alysha’s family had been going to cucos since the 80s. Alysha’s grandfather Martin O Perez worked on Cuco’s catering trucks and ate there frequently. Staff often joked that Alysha’s parents should have named her “cucita” because of how much time was spent there. Alysha and her father Martin A Perez spent every morning having tacos and eating with friends before he took her to school. Alysha then had her own two children and Martin carried on the tradition with them.

As a child Santos always admired Martin’s hot rods and passion for restoring classics. As time passed Martin and Santos grew closer in 2014 until his passing August of 2018. Alysha and Santos were one in the same and became great friends, eventually growing into a relationship.

Santos and Alysha married in 2019 in Colorado, months later they purchased a food truck knowing they wanted to pursue a business of their own. Alysha and Santos had the idea of an ice cream truck like driving through neighborhoods selling barbacoa and big red. Unfortunately that couldn’t be done unless they had a place to cook from, that’s when they came up with a delivery service. Cuco’s had many catering trucks in the 80s, Alysha and Santos decided to bring it back.

In hopes to open the restaurant one day, Alysha and Santos decided to continue Olgas legacy and traditions by bringing back Cuco’s. Most of the menu items will be the same as the original cucos and will add to the menu as we progress.

“My grandmother was many beautiful things. She was a loving, caring, open hearted, generous gem. She is missed everyday and will forever remain in my heart,”

Santos Santitos Plaza

“My father was one of a kind, a great man with many talents. He had the biggest heart and a love for kids like no other. He was the best father and grandfather anyone could ever ask for. He was my everything, he is missed always and forever in my heart”

Alysha Perez-Plaza

Alysha and Santos have many memories made at Cuco’s with their loved ones that meant the most to them and they continue their journey knowing that their angels are with them every step of the way. 


We are working hard to expand our business but as of now until further notice we are ONLY delivering to area codes 78201, 78212, & 78213.

North Central San Antonio

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